Plot No: 7, Sector -12, Opp. Gaondevi Mandir, Nerul (W), Navi Mumbai 400 706.


I, the undersigned, hereby apply for Admission to the R Hostel for the month of May Year 2021 – 2022; as I/We/My family have been impacted by the current global pandemic - covid 19. We have enclosed all the relevant and required proof and supporting’s for the same.

I have already understood the Rules and Regulations of the Hostel. I promise to abide by it (present as well as may be amended in future) and shall also obey all the directions as may be given from time to time.

I have understood the rules and regulations of the R Hostel and agree to comply with the same. I accept that the maintenance charges are subject to revision and I agree to pay the rates applicable to my allotted bed. I also declare that I/We/My Family are not infected by Covid-19 virus at the time of admission; incase of otherwise we will immediately leave the premises and quarantine ourselves at government advised centers.

I Agree